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Article by April WilsonConfidential Care had just launched the first mobile clinic for Confidential Care three months prior. It was a quiet morning until we heard loud talking outside the mobile. We looked out the front window of the mobile and noticed a young lady dressed in black fishnet stockings, pink high heels, very short shorts and wearing a hot pink tube top. Her hair was done up and stuff with hairspray. She had 4 inch round hoop earrings hanging off the lobes of her ears, perfect hot pink lips, and chewing gum. She looked like she had just come from her own stage appearance on the Broadway show of “Hair Spray”. We noticed that there were two young men dressed in black shadowing her.

She came up to the door speaking very loudly, tossing her hips all about with her hands flipping around in the air, chewing her gum. We weren’t sure what to do and which one of us was going to answer her knock.

I opened the door to greet her and asked how we could help her. She asked if she could get a pregnancy test. I told her that we could do a test right now and that it was free of charge. She said, O.K! really loud. She answered a few questions and told us that she would never plan to abort if she was pregnant. Jill and I were happy to hear her answer. She believed abortion was not an option.

The test was negative. Jill and I were both relieved and so was the young lady. Before she left I quickly shared the Gospel with her. By the time I was done, this loud flamboyant boisterous young lady was speechless and had a look of amazement on her face. I asked her if there was anything preventing her from accepting Christ that day? She said no there wasn’t and said a prayer of confession and acceptance of Jesus as her LORD and Savior. We could clearly see that God’s presence was in that place and his divine hand was upon this young woman that day.

I asked her if she had a Bible and she told me no so I gave her one of the Bible’s we keep on the mobile. As I gave her the Bible she received it with such gentleness and appreciation then asked me if this was really free. I told her it was a gift from us to her. She couldn’t believe it. She held the Bible in her hands and tearfully stared at it. She was the quietest that she had been since stepping into our mobile clinic. The continence on her face changed along with her body language. She was completely changed from the inside out that day.

As she quietly walked off the mobile and down the two steps she was still gingerly holding the Bible in her hands staring at it in wonder and amazement not saying a word. We said our goodbyes and shut the door. The two young men that came with the young lady approached her. They were both perplexed as they looked at her. From inside the mobile Jill and I could hear them ask her “What Happened to you in there?”. We both chuckled. We praised God that day for the opportunity and beautiful experience of leading someone to Christ.

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