Meeting Her Baby Boy For The First Time

Article by April WilsonA beautiful young woman came to our mobile one afternoon. She saw our mobile sitting off to the side of the road in a parking lot.

She apprehensively walked up to the door not sure what to expect and afraid of what she may find out. She lightly knocked. I opened the door and I asked how we could help her. She asked if we did pregnancy tests and if they were really free of charge and I said yes, we could do one right now. She was amazed that we offered our services for free and that she could walk up to the mobile without an appointment.

She answered a few questions and shared with the nurse and I that she was thinking of having an abortion if she was pregnant. She told us that she wasn’t going to be able to raise a baby right now because she was single and didn’t have a job. We shared some resources with her and encouraged her.

The test was positive. She was visibly upset. We assured her that she was in a safe place to talk. She was comfortable enough to express her feelings with us and talk about what she was thinking. She agreed to an ultrasound. Jill took her back to the ultrasound area. As soon as she saw the ultrasound pictures, she melted with tears. This young beautiful woman was already bonding with her baby. She couldn’t believe that the baby already had a heartbeat and tiny hands and feet starting to grow at 8 weeks. She was still conflicted but by her emotions and expressions on her face, Jill and I knew she would most likely choose life for her baby.

It was over 2 years later that this young mom showed up at our mobile one day. She wanted to introduce us to her baby boy. I was overjoyed to see her and her precious son. She shared with us that she had chosen to carry her baby and parent because of the ultrasound pictures. She told us that she was inspired to help other single girls who found themselves pregnant and not sure what to do. She said that she referred girls to Confidential Care to get their free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. She could not thank us enough. She was so happy and could not imagine life without her son.

By April Wilson

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