Adoption Is Also A Choice

Adoption is also a choice

I have so many girls that run through my head but the one I want to share has just taken place and we will continue to follow her.


The initial call looking for an abortion took place on October 25, 2017. Let’s call the patient Amy for the story. She called looking for an abortion because she already had 3 children and was only 22. At the age of 14, she found herself pregnant but chose life for that child. Amy was then placed in foster care because her mother was unable to care for her and continued in foster care until she was 18. Amy made an appointment with our clinic but did not show up for her initial visit. Our team called and found out that transportation was the reason she did not make her initial visit.  Amy had a car but it was totaled in a wreck early in the year. She and her boyfriend neither had transportation. The mobile unit spoke with Amy and decided to drive to her apartment. When Amy came on the mobile unit for her initial exam she was found to be very early in her pregnancy. Amy sat and talked about her past and explained to the staff how she just could not care for another baby.  Various options were discussed but Amy was strongly encouraged to have a follow-up ultrasound since she was so early. Amy agreed so we arranged to come back to see her again. The mobile staff drove to Amy three different times in order to provide her with an ultrasound and counsel her in her decision. We are pleased to announce that Amy has chosen life for this baby and has decided to place it for ADOPTION! Amy’s exact words were, “I want this baby to have more than what I can provide”. What an amazing example of true love. We will continue to stay in contact with Amy and will walk hand in hand with her during this adoption process.

By Christine Michael


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