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In Shelby County alone, there were over 3,700 abortions in 2014. Our mobile pregnancy services allow us to serve women in their own community. We encourage and equip these women to make an informed decision for life.

We’ve served over 16,000 (and counting) clients over the past 20 years. This includes our abstinence education program.

668 (and counting) life decisions from abortion-determined women.

444 (and counting) women have made professions of faith during that time period.  Something we praise God for!


You people drove me crazy calling me all the time, but I have never had anyone care about me that much. I decided to keep my baby instead of aborting him because I could see how big he was on the ultrasound.

Markeysha J.

I was raped and called Confidential Care and told them I wanted to have an abortion. They did a free ultrasound, talked to me about my rape and encouraged me to get more counseling and report the rape. They also talked about the baby and how it was not guilty of anything and I could choose adoption if I didn’t want to keep the baby. They were so nice and understanding. I decided to have my baby, but don’t know if I will give her up for adoption or not.

Abby D.

I was at the abortion clinic to get a pregnancy test and talk about an abortion. A lady came up to me and offered me a free ultrasound. After seeing the baby, I couldn’t have another abortion. I was also very upset that the clinic I went to for my abortions did not show me the ultrasound and told me it wasn’t a baby and I was further along than I was when I had this Ultrasound. The client advocate talked to me for a long time and really helped me, and recommended I do a Post Abortion class. Thanks to them, I have a sweet baby girl. I’m so happy I have my baby.

Vera M.
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